Thursday, 11 October 2012

Inspired by Ratan Tata, I-Phone 6 will be called people's I-phone

California:  On completion of one year death anniversary of former apple CEO- iconic Steve Jobs, the new CEO, Tim Cook announced that next I-phone will be called as people's I-Phone. He said, " the inspiration for this has come from land of magicians and serpents, India." Though through out his speech he never mentioned about Mr. Ratan tata, it is clear that inspiration is drawn out from his company Tata Motors. In 2009, Mr. Ratan Tata launched the cheapest car of world, Tata Nano. Now there are speculations if Apple will launch cheapest phone ever, cheapest I-phone ever or an I-phone so expensive that a single person cannot afford it alone.
An artist's impression of reaction of Steve Jobs from haven on people's I-phone. He doesnt look so happy 
Back in India, as various political groups were preparing for ban of Apple products as Tim Cook called India the land of magicians and serpents, Tim Cook agreed that he was indeed inspired by Tata Nano. He said, " Last summer, I was in Mumbai, as all the great stories about Mumbai start at traffic jams, mine was no different. At jam, I saw a family of 4 in one car. The family was of husband-wife and two kids. Kids were fighting to play games on a single I-phone which clearly belonged to there dad. I saw the regret in father's face of not being able to afford two new I-phones for his kids. then I decided, we have had enough of being a snob, lets launch an I phone at prices that everyone can afford it." After making this announcement, Apple Inc. talked about its product for the first time before launching it. Not only that, it was revealed that I phone would be launched at price which will turn out be INR 7000. This is a bad news for previous I-phone users.
Samsung is filled with joy after this announcement. Probably because Samsung knows that Apple is realizing its limitations and even Apple was beaten by Micromax on volume sales of tablets.
This announcement also led to huge rally at Jantar Mantar by shopkeepers from Gaffar market and Nehru place as the new I-phone may lead to closing of many shops which dealt in unlocking I-phones specially at Gaffar market, Delhi. Mr. Joginder Chan said " Now the I Phone is so cheap, who will buy it at black market and forget about paying 2000 for unlocling".
Between all this drama, only party which is relaxed is Chines phone manufacturers who makes 'Hi-Phone'- still lower priced than I-phone. 

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